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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mud gryphon and a sorry tale

Gryphon: steep-sided cone shorter than 3 metres that extrudes mud.

You can't say better than that.

When I was in Standard 2, I won the role of the Gryphon in our amateur school version of 'Alice in Wonderland'. The reason for my selection, I plainly recall, was the extraordinarly convincing gryphon voice I somehow developed at the audition, one I could hardly believe I could summon, shy lad that I was. I was swollen with pride as day after day, we practiced our lines and stage movements, until the very night before the performance, when I suddenly and inexplicably could not do the voice. At all. Not a gruff croak that might pass as that of a gryphon. I was able only to speak as me, and couldn't recover the lost 'talent', no matter how hard I tried, or how gently the teacher (I still love you, Miss Roderique!) encouraged me to regain my composure and confidence. I never could, get that gryphon voice that is, and had to hand the role over to some less-talented-but-more-reliable, boy.
Damn it! 


Shunda barunda said...

Psychological sabotage is a real bitch.

I do it all the time!!

Stoopid brain!!

robertguyton said...

I once forgot how to long-jump, mid-stride. A stellar career, ruined!