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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Miners sold down the river by Solid Energy

The Spring Creek miners know they are helpless victims of the Government's sell-down of Solid Energy in preparation for asset sales and are marching on Parliament to express their disgust.


They have been canon fodder here.

*Update - a Coaster speaks (comment lifted from another blog)

The only reason Spring creek has closed is because they are preparing Solid Energy for sale. In the short term the underground miners are a liability, it is as simple as that.

This exact same situation with coal price has existed before here in Greymouth and Solid Energy didn’t ditch the staff then.

And ask yourselves this, if it is uneconomic to mine Spring creek, how the hell is it economic to start a brand new open cast mine at exactly the same time?

We are being lied to, I have my contacts at Spring Creek and I can tell you right now, they can extract coal from the mine far quicker than they can from a new open cast operation.

This is bullshit, this sort of crap should loose National the next election, but it won’t, because enough people in this country are so well attuned to swallowing bullshit.


Shunda barunda said...

This government is suffering from 'second term syndrome'.

Democracy isn't important in Canterbury, the "dot on the name tag" incident for Christchurch school principals, and now the 'axe the staff cause they don't look good on the ledger' for Greymouth.

Not looking good is it.

robertguyton said...

Hasn´t looked good to me for a long time, Shunda.
Kissing the crayfish says it all.

JayWontdart said...

it may well loose-en Nationals grip, you never know!

robertguyton said...

Their claw is already slack, Jordan. This latest adrenaline burst comes from pure fear. It will exhaust them entirely.