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Saturday, September 8, 2012

Homepaddock 'clip'

(Government debt, four years ago, $10 billion, today $50 billion and expected to reach $70 billions in 2014. No explanations how this is to be addressed/acheived has ever been announced to the punters except that Key says that producers will up exports.)

The rightwingers, aside from Ele herself, who is chained to the ideology - everything Key and National does is hunky-dory, are seeing through Key's flim-flam. The figures quoted by this commenter are just outrageous.


Anonymous said...

Yes Key is spending up a storm and its all on tick. That's the problem when you stay with Liarbours policy settings.


robertguyton said...

Labour and National, eh!
I've heard them described as 'Pepsi' and 'Coke'.

fredinthegrass said...

Ah! The irony Rg.
'Pepsi' will always be secondary to 'Coke'.

robertguyton said...

Is it Fred?
Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola.

I don't like either of them.
I prefer something green - Greenman "Dark Mild' is very refreshing.

Shane Pleasance said...

My kids have both decided to leave NZ already, so I guess its down to the Greens who are left to pay Bills bills.

Forget ale, looks like we are down to water.
Oh, yes, errmm someone else owns that, apparently.

Joe W said...

Water's dodgy these days, but
plenty of milk

robertguyton said...

Great work, Joe! Love the medallion. That's kinda sick, the 'let's run with the dictatorship - no one's looking' thing. The Dame looks positively jubilant!

robertguyton said...

Nobody, Shane, owns it, we are assured. Someone controls it's use and allocation however. It that somehow different?

Shane Pleasance said...

Robert, I have lost count. You tell me. Do I spit or swallow?

robertguyton said...

Ask the water allocater...hang on, that's me!
Once it's in your body, you're responsible - do as you wish.

Joe W said...

Thanks Robert, Bazley probably has more gongs than any unelected, and I dare say unelectable, public figure, so she's unlikely to notice this one.

According to Federated Farmers Mid-Canterbury president Chris Allen "The commissioners, in a few short years, have achieved more than the old failed council ever did. I recall a shrill tone at the time, but every prediction of doom has not eventuated."

Well I distinctly recall the risk of gastrointestinal epidemics from groundwater contaminated by intensive dairying being raised, but under the current PC orthodoxy it's considered highly unsporting to mention it now that it's come to pass. Much like the compliant media were so sporting about ignoring Minister Carter's extensive dairying interests in the Darfield area.

robertguyton said...

Is there a link to anything on the gastro-state of your water,"now that it's come to pass', Joe?

Joe W said...

Robert, it's my good fortune not to live in Selwyn District Council's catchment. It's rather taken the shine off the opening of Fonterra's Darfield plant when an outbreak of gastroenteritis and campylobacter occurs in the district barely a week later.
Although Canterbury District Health Board medical officer of health Alistair Humphrey has clearly identified the problem as being caused by contamination from intensive dairying, all that the Council has offered is a legally advised apology, while showing no sign of meaningfully dealing with the problem's cause.