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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Get Down to Earth #2

Get Down to Earth #2 is on-air. Topics covered this week: rhubarb (better than Key's watery offering!), laundry the old-fashioned way, walking to town (along the beach), introducing the Eco Fest (with Becs) and down to earth gardening tips from me. To listen, click on this link to the podcast menu, then choose ours. Happy listening, listeners!


wildcrafty said...

Very good! All sorts of interesting things happening down there. Love the theme music. Do they only keep the podcast for one week (can't find last week's one).

wildcrafty said...

Love the new comments widget too.

robertguyton said...

They do, wildcrafty, keep them available for just one week, but shortly they'll have them all archived and available for download. We did no.3 on Friday, where I interview an urban milking goat keeper and a Gordie who prints my "Real Men Have Big Gardens" t-shirts and we talk potatoes. Robyn and I are off to Central Otago for a 'speaking tour' this week and I'll take my recorder and microphone with me. We're bound to meet some interesting folk.