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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Are they? They shouldn't be!


The Minister of Science and Innovation, Steven Joyce, needs to tell the public how much taxpayer funding is going into a conference featuring a number of pro-GE lobbyists and companies, Green Party primary production spokesperson Steffan Browning said today.

   Representatives from some of the biggest companies promoting genetic modification are meeting at a taxpayer-sponsored conference in Rotorua next month. 
  Among the attendees will be representatives of American biotech giants Monsanto and Dupont. 
"The hosting of this conference in New Zealand, and the fact the Government is supporting this conference financially shows, an intent to push genetic modification," said Mr Browning. 
"New Zealand's global advantage is based on our clean, green image. "
  The Government sponsoring a conference full of the biggest names in genetic food modification undermines our clean, green brand.
   "Government sponsorship sends a signal that New Zealand is interested in moving into becoming a player in the GE biotech and GE food industries.

 "The Green Party considers New Zealand should instead be investing in promoting the purity of our products and staying GE free," Mr Browning said.

Update - I've found and added this comment from another article that has a link regarding ge and farmers. I've not watched it yet, but will. You are very welcome to do the same.

by ctnz | 24 Aug 12, 12:50am

Maybe this makes not just anyone, but farmers here in NZ think. Tip: watch the video on the right hand side 'GM crops: farmer to farmer'...


Anonymous said...

Are they?
And why shouldn't they?

anonymouse said...

It was all down hill once the invented the wheel

robertguyton said...

anonymouse - you're right! If I could get my hands on that bloke!

Anonymous - yes they are, and because it's being paid for by we taxpayers, many of whom object to genetic engineering. As Steffan says, it displays the Government's willingness to further the use of ge crops in New Zealand. We have market advantage with our ge-free status and in my opinion, should maintain that advantage. That's why.

Anonymous said...

Do we need to suppress information that differs from the way we currently do things?
Surely we are able to justify our way without gagging others?

robertguyton said...

No one is suppressing, the Government is promoting ge by facilitating and paying for it (with our money).
I am able to justify my way (if that's what you are meaning) without gagging anyone else. The anti-ge 'team' is quite right to highlight this action by the National Government in welcoming and hosting the ge producers and promoters. Did you expect them to ignore or not notice such a conference and such an action by National?

Anonymous said...

"Did you expect them to ignore or not notice such a conference and such an action by National?"

Of course not. They just want it stopped. No room for a different perspective. As you say - "anti".

robertguyton said...

Different perspectives are very important to you, Anonymous. Should our Government invite the Opium Lords of Afghanistan over, pay their conference costs, so that we can be sure we understand their industry properly?