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Friday, August 24, 2012

Homegrown swede

Something to chew on for the next 24 hours.


Shunda barunda said...

What is it with Southlanders and swedes!!

I know of others that have witnessed swede love from southern folk.

I prefer parsnips :)

Armchair Critic said...

I can't work it out either, Shunda. Swedes are cattle feed. Beetroot are my favourite.

Joe W said...

I'm impressed.
Swedes barely grow to the size of avocadoes on the NSW North Coast, where they fetch a higher price per kilo.

One thing I'll concede to beetroot over swede - a slice of beetroot improves the flavour of Corona beer, while a similarly prepared bit of swede makes no difference.

An old headline from the Tamihere/Swedish backpackers trial: "Woman looked like Swede in bush".

Anonymous said...

There are swedes and there are Southland swedes...and then there are the old fashioned, richly-flavoured swedes like this Doon Major in the photo. Unless you've tasted a Doon, you might as well whistle Dixie when it comes to understanding why it is we Southlanders laud the swede. Beetroot are delicious, it's true but the Doon trumps all. The swede in the picture tasted like lemon-honey as made by angels. Pity the poor fool who don't eat my swede!


renetsil said...

Well said Robert!......I am impressed by this beautiful swede too and would like to know when you sowed the seed :)
Swede is an essential side dish to haggis except then it's called "Neeps" :)

robertguyton said...

That swede seed went into the soil in November, renetsil, as recommended by my ancient swede advisers. I'm planning to sow more in the coming November, as I love 'em (in a souffle but most of all, boiled. Sounds simplistic, but that's how I love 'em best!)

JayWontdart said...

A growing Guyton has to chomp on something!

Shunda barunda said...

It's my birthday today, and because I am now 35 I can officially begin several years of mid life crisis activity. I am thinking of growing swedes as a metaphor for life (though I confess as to having no idea what that metaphor would be)

Robert should also send me a swede as a present! (or maybe some yams, mmmmmmm yams) :)

Armchair Critic said...

Happy birthday Shunda

robertguyton said...

Jordan! I'm gob-smacked!
Nice 'shopping' - you made me feel hungry. Helping myself to a fork-full of the good stuff right now.
Might I post your work (said in a self-deprecating sort of way)?

robertguyton said...

Shunda! Many happy returns! I'm guessing that you've been celebrating and your response might be a little garbled but I'd like to recommend your getting a tattoo. I waited til I turned 40 for mine, but that's no reason why you should wait another 5 years. Your swede, btw, is sitting on the table, wearing its bow and waiting for your postal address to arrive by email.
Hari huri tau, e hoa! Kia pai tou po!

robertguyton said...

Along with a clutch of yams!

JayWontdart said...

Happy birthday Shunda :-)

Robert, sure thing :-)

You've got to be eating SOMETHING before our next potluck :-)

Green Drinks is in Invercargill this Thursday, 5:30pm, would be great to see you there again :-)

If you stop by sometime, I can help you with the website idea, wink wink.

robertguyton said...

Cheers, Jordan. So many things to do, places to be, people to meet - it's worse than the Christmas season just now!
I'll do my best!

Suz said...

May I be so bold as to ask what the tattoo is?

robertguyton said...

Mine or Shunda's?
Mine's a ginkgo leaf.
Don't know what Shunda's getting.

Suz said...

Given you were the only person talking about tattoos, I was inquiring about yours.

When we gonna see a post of your body-art?

robertguyton said...

Right now, if you wish.

San bran said...

Robert can I buy some doon major Swede seed off you ? Can't get it in any smaller quantity than 1 kilo! Can't even find it in the north. I love Swede. And beetroot

robertguyton said...

Hi San bran - send me a self-addressed envelope and I'll post you some seed:
Robert Guyton
20 Thames Street
Riverton 9822