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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chew on this, climate-change denier goons!

"Changes of global temperature are likely to have their greatest practical impact via effects on the hydrologic cycle. Amplification of hot, dry conditions by global warming is expected, based on qualitative considerations. For example, places experiencing an extended period of high atmospheric pressure develop dry conditions, which we would expect to be amplified by global warming and by ubiquitous surface heating due to elevated greenhouse gas amounts. The other extreme of the hydrologic cycle, unusually heavy rainfall and floods, is also expected to be amplified by global warming. The amount of water vapor that the atmosphere holds increases rapidly with atmospheric temperature, and thus a warmer world is expected to have more rainfall occurring in more extreme events. What were “100-year” or “500-year” events are expected to occur more frequently with increased global warming. Rainfall data reveal significant increases of heavy precipitation over much of Northern Hemisphere land and in the tropics (3) and attribution studies link this intensification of rainfall and floods to human- made global warming…ete etc."

It rings true because it is true.
Don't give me your 'there's an ice age on its way' pish. Get real, you head-in-the-sanders.


Shunda barunda said...

Ooooo someones all mad n stuff!!

robertguyton said...

I'm rope-able, Shunda. You know me.

Anonymous said...

ete etc.... I would be unhappy too Robert. You go and Teacherise them please.

Anonymous said...

I know you like to talk about the impacts of Bias....Here is a quote from the citation of your citated document.

"we were motivated in this research by an objective
to expose effects of human-made global warming as soon as

Hmmm.... Null hypothesis much???? Agenda much?

I stopped reading about there.

robertguyton said...

I'm doing what I can, Anonymous, but they're dreadful slow!

robertguyton said...

Anonymous - good on them. They've got their motivations clearly expressed (unlike the denialists) and their objectives are both sound and humane.
What's your beef?

BS buster said...

i wondered why you didnt give reference to the author ?
it was obvious you did not want to admit this was quoted from james hansen,, the father of climate change hysteria who regarded as suspect in his interpretation of facts,and historical data

it is immediatley obvious this is BS.. because he talks about a 1950s 1980s " base period "[ first paragraph]

there is of course no base period when considering climate which as we all know has been changing for eons and in fact the earth has been considerably warmer in the recent past ,
there is no base period ...

typical green BS ..
why does this not surprise me and why are you not including the reference to a base period ?

Anonymous said...

Robert @ 3.03pm

Anonymous - good on them. They've got their motivations clearly expressed (unlike the denialists) and their objectives are both sound and humane.

But unscientific. I can gather suppporttive evidence on the existence of ghosts. But if I look at it from an null hypothesis point of view, questions arise. Their agenda has negated the validity of there paper as evidence of global warming in my opinion.

Beef? I prefer fillet.

ManBearPig said...

It appears the 'goons' have chewed - and spat you out RG.

The Green religion is too important to have it besmirched by the likes of Guyton.

Theres a ManBearPig - right there - don't you see it?

robertguyton said...

Manbearpig said: "Theres a ManBearPig - right there - don't you see it?"

There's two of you?

Does Al know?

Anonymous said...

For some reason ( most probably related to my lack of computer skills) for the last few weeks any comments I have directed to this site have only appeared for a few minutes.

While over time attempting to sort out the problem I took the opportunity to rediscover the satisfaction of a “good read.”

“The Delinquent Teenager” an Expose of the IPCC by Donna Laframboise and “ Watermelons” The Green Movement’s True Colours by James Delingpole are just two in this class.

The reviews on the rear covers of these two alone may create an interesting response.

Colin McIntyre

robertguyton said...

Laframboise and Delingpole, I recognise those names.
Mills and Boon writers, aren't they?

BS buster said...

ive just read the reviews , thanks tired farmer
the ironic thing about this climate scam fairy story is that the environmental lobby , in their haste to embrace anybody who promises a dumbing down of anything connected with the production of food or industry have supported one of the biggest misappropriation and misdirection of resources of all time .
lets create and sell an imaginary atmospheric bag of hot air and concentrate that money into the hands of flim flam artists like mr Al Gore .
A whole new currency has been invented called" carbon credits " which is worthless but has to be paid for with real resources.
There is a large component of this that is nothing more than a financial con job and unfortunately it will disadvantage the little guy and concentrate even more wealth into the hands of the money men.
who are the suckers that support that idea ?RG