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Saturday, June 2, 2012

I wrote a letter to the editor


Bill English's budget has caused a lot of upset in the education world. Intermediate schools; their teachers and the parents of the students who go to them, were dismayed to find that huge cuts were to be made to teaching staff and to the practical subjects offered. What reason could there be for such severe cuts to Intermediate schools? National has for a long time now, pushed the idea that bigger classes are better, that crowding children into a classroom will help their learning. Children at State schools that is. Not those going to private schools, where many of the politicians own children go. At the private schools, parents are promised small class sizes and the benefits that come from the extra attention their child will receive as a result. What I find difficult to understand, is how the Government can say two different things and expect us to believe them. Small is good for their children, but big is good for ours. I don't believe them.

 Robert Guyton

The Southland Times people kindly accompanied my letter with a photo of Budget Bill, at the point of delivery, and captioned it,
"Double standard Bill English's Budget says bigger classes are better."

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Anonymous said...

Wheres the problem? Don't you greenies home school your monkeys?