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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A word from today's Council meeting

On doing some research tonight, I discovered that there are also such things as palaeovalleys and palaeorivers!

Will wonders never cease?


Armchair Critic said...

Auckland is full of paleovalleys. All those volcanoes filled them up with lava.
Christchurch is full of paleochannels, too. They tended to fill up with silt, which was then prone to liquifaction.
You need to look out for paleo-things, they tend to bite you on the backside when you least expect it.

robertguyton said...

Knowing your whakapapa is, as you indicate, AC, vital.
Moko - the pattern/ripple/effect/tattoo

Pu - the source/germ

Puna - spring/up-welling

Mokopuna - grandchild - that 'ripple' the shows on the surface of a spring

Knowing another language can increase your understanding of humankind.