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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Plenty of space for Tiffany and Nigel

"Prime Minister John Key's son attended King's College in Otahuhu, which said on its website: "Class sizes are limited and our policy of a low pupil-to-teacher ratio ensures students are given greater individual attention in the classroom.''

Mr Key's daughter attended St Cuthbert's College, which similarly advertised the fact that it limited classes to 15 students "to allow for individual attention to each student''.

Oh goody!I was terribly worried that John's son and daughter might have to brush elbows with others, the way children in those horribly crowded State schools do!


Towack said...

I dont think your daughter is in a crowded state school classroom RG, perhaps you need to count again

robertguyton said...

She's bunking school, Towack?
Wait til she gets home!

Towack said...

Taking after the bad influences she lives with ah, bring back the cane

robertguyton said...

Bet I spent more time at school than you ever did, Towack. !5 years more, probably :-)