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Monday, May 28, 2012

New Zealand Conservative

Now does that sound like me?
New Zealand Conservative is a blog quite unlike mine but this morning I found we have a commonality and that is around Intermediate schools and the harm they will suffer under National and the iron fist of the ever-grinning Hekia Parata. "Manual" classes, that teach skills such as woodwork and cooking, are going under Hekia's knife and Lucia Maria at New Zealand Conservative is not at all impressed.


Lucia Maria said...

Hi Robert,

The thing with Conservatism, is that we do believe in conserving what is good, and this "historical anomaly" is worth conserving.

I think a big part of the problem is that all that computer technology is seen as the way of the future and so it sucks up money and resources, and "boring" skill like sewing are cooking or working with wood are seen as so last century.

robertguyton said...

Lucia - I so agree with what you've said here, especially around computers and the real skills of the hand. If only you knew that I was building a clay floor for my thatched summerhouse...
I did enjoy your post.