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Friday, May 11, 2012

My view on asset sales

For what it's worth, this is how I see the situation around asset sales, in light of the protest marches that have been held around the country and the one that's due to take place in Invercargill this coming Saturday.

Prior to the election, the Government said they would sell the assets if elected. They won the election. New Zealanders considered what they had voted for and on reflection and with new information available, decided they no longer agreed with one particular plan, so they asked the Government to change that plan. The Government refused to take notice, despite the clear majority of opposition. This is not a  Government that represents the people of New Zealand.


Towack said...

I've said it before, I don't mind the asset sales, I didnt before the election and I still dont and the people I talk with around this subject generally havnt changed their minds either.

robertguyton said...

You need to get out more, Towack. Come to the march on Saturday and have a chat with folks you might not ordinarily mix with, such as the Grey Power members who have been around long enough to have seen the effects of past asset sales.

Towack said...

Rugby on Sat RG - would rather be supporting my family - thanks for the invite though

robertguyton said...

Of course - the rugger. Good for you. I reckon stopping the sale of our assets would be of great benefit to our children and to theirs as well, so I'm going to be there, alongside of the other greys, greens and whatever other 'colours' turn out. You your sake and mine, I hope the weathers fine.