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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Marching today

Or at least ambling along with the crowd of Southlanders who oppose the selling of State assets. The 'amble' starts at the Otepuni Gardens at 2:00pm , winds its way through the streets of Invercargill and finishes at Wachner Place for speechifying. I spoke at the mining march and made what I thought was a stirring effort, but haven't been asked this time. My light's being kept under a bushel :-)
No matter, my sign will speak for me.
Best news of all for me, is that my mother-n-law will be marching/ambling today - first time ever! I expect she'll not be the only mother-in-law there - this issue has galvanised the 'mature' citizens of New Zealand in a way not seen for some time. They don't want Key to sell the assets they paid for over their working lives.
Go Grey! (It has to be said, my mother in law is still dark-haired, against all probability, and naturally so. She's a legend.)


Bioneer said...

I'll see you there

robertguyton said...

You did! I saw u 2 2.