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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Invercargill anti-asset sale march - images

Our captain

Signature gatherer

Fine young people

Our camera-shy minders, caught napping, yapping.

We photographed each other

More signature-collectors/past pupils

This gentleman walked a considerable distance to and from the march

Geoff was an impressive speaker who roused the crowd

The Dutch contingent

Despite the cold, the Greys turned out

Resting during the speechifying

Dave sang the stirring protest song

Henrietta (I think) fiddled

On top of the stake, a key.


Raymonf A francis said...

How many turned out Robert?
Certainly looks like it was fun but cold

robertguyton said...

Fun and cold, Raymond. The sun came out from behind the clouds just as the speeches finished :-)
Numbers weren't great - a couple or three hundred. The temperature will have kept the expected, strong Grey Power contingent indoors, perhaps. No matter, it was a good effort and the speeches were very good - the best I've heard at such a march.

Marnie said...

Cheers to everyone who marched today, we have to stand up and be counted:)

Towack said...

at least the oldies that stayed at home would have be nice and warm in front of their fires burning that good old Solid Energy coal, what a great company to own ah RG.......

robertguyton said...

Hey, Marnie. The hot chocolate was sooo appreciated!

robertguyton said...

We'd be fools to sell it, Towack. And we'd be fools to let them dig up the lignite for it to be turned to greenhouse gas as well!
So much to do, so little vision from our leaders!

Towack said...

that does make sense - lets own a company, but not actually let it do its job. I spose you think we should retain full ownership of the power co's, but generate no eletricty.....

robertguyton said...

Solid Energy's 'job', Towack, involves generating energy from sources other than lignite. Their 'alternative' fuels, such as wood pellets' are very impressive and returning 'our' company excellent returns. What they lack at this point is social responsibility and a willingness to take real note of what it's 'owners' want. What many of us want, is for our children's environment to be protected from careless use now. Burning lignite on the scale SE propose is a crime against humanity.

Anonymous said...

Crime against humanity? No.
Crime against your new faith? Yes.

I really hope you enjoyed your outing as I don't believe it will change things one iota. We are still spending more than we earn - you and your green comrades have not provided any realistic alternatives that will place New Zealand in a fiscally better position.

Tax and spend policies are not the answer, never have been never will be. What will you do when we are totally bankrupt like Greece after following your path?


robertguyton said...

What drivel, paranormal. The Greens have indeed made sound suggestions as to a 'better way'. You have simply denied their existence. Greece has fallen into a black hole because they followed same track new Zealand did, that track you would have us continue, tried to batter their citizens into accepting deep cuts and been in turn, hiffed out of Government. There is a better way, but your's is a cut, slash, chop and destroy path, that will stimulate nothing but revolution.