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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Feds try their hand a civic art


Following the directive from the new president of Federated Farmers (Southland) that we townies ought to spend some time contemplating the Blade of Grass sculpture in Invercargill, two of Southland's finest made what seem considered suggestions as to what the feds might do to enhance the somewhat stark sculpture.
Fountain  said:

"Simply refit the silver blade of grass with a nozzle at the top, spraying a sloppy brown gunk over the grass!"

Dave added:

"Maybe Feds should sponsor a giant bronze cow pat to go with the blade of grass as this seems to be the direction they are signalling to head in..."

This is community consultation at its most raw and something the feds will be enjoying very much, having urged townies like Fountain and Dave to look more closely at farming and what it does for Southland. If any more creative suggestions appear on the Stuff site, I'll add them to these two.
Feel free to make some of your own!

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