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Friday, May 18, 2012


So, four plane-loads of Exclusive Brethren have swollen Invercargill's numbers for the weekend and questions are being asked by the interested and the disinterested alike: Why here, why now and other such questiony questions.
Claims are being made too.
Most mysterious of those is that from Invercargill 'Exclusive", Peter Hickmott  who said,
"We had to get people here at short notice and this was easiest", referring to the use of the four planes.
"Short notice"? I thought to myself. Has something come up? There's been talk of the Rapture on the blogs over the past couple of days. Were those usually non-prophetic commentators onto something? There's a national Bible conference being held in the city this weekend - is there a connection here, that I'm not seeing?
"Short notice", though. It has me puzzled. Has someone spotted something in the Good Book that had been overlooked for centuries? It could be a revelation of some sort. "Short notice". Maybe some other town cancelled, but who would dare? Maybe they shift their meetings around, the way the Americans do with whatever they don't want to have recognised as a target. Who would target the Exclusive Brethren? The Inclusives? Is there bad blood? Not enough has been written about this "conference", I'm thinking.
Here's one last thing to ruminate on:

" There were two jets, a Challenger and a Cessna Citation, and two smaller prop-driven aircraft, but she  Invercargill Airport general manager Chloe Scala) was unable to comment on who was on board."

"Unable to comment" eh!
Why's that then, do you think?


Bioneer said...

I'm gonna ask my fiancee for the inside scoop

Gecko said...

Great writing Rob!I wonder what the hell!!!

Shunda barunda said...

Maybe they are just minding there own business.

I know, it sounds crazy, but Brethrens are people too!!

Hardly any more wacky than some environmentalists in NZ.

robertguyton said...

Bio - the inside running's always the hottest!
Gecko - hell is not a word to be used lightly around these people!

Shunda - it's a spoof, my earnest friend.

Shunda barunda said...

Didn't you see me smiling to the right?

Lookadthat face!!

robertguyton said...

I thought that was your 'thumb-meets-hammer' face!

Anonymous said...

I think they call it the privacy act Robert.
Are you being nosey or trying to ostracise part of Southland's community Councillor?

paulinem said...

As a christian this type of BS is anything but Christ like behaviour ..if they have money to spend on jets then they can give to " he who gives to the least on mine gives it to me"

The question is what are trying to hide and lets face it we all know conferences are booked well ahead and are not last minute gatherings requiring Jets to get around ...

No Robert no rapture is coming BUT I do understand according to comments I have heard a natural phenomena of sun spots ( from space I understand something about a clash of planets or some other natural occurrence ) is expected to occur this year ..with SOME worried about the effect of sun spots on electrical current in the globe I believe ...maybe one of your readers on this blog could enlighten us all who knows more about this natural phenomena..........

Towack said...

darn, did I miss the rapture

Shunda barunda said...

I always imagined the rapture involving the sound of a slide whistle as people floated off!!


There's another one!

robertguyton said...

Anon @ 4:23 - neither, just having a larf.

pauline - spot on.

Shunda - eventually, that sound would drive the stay-behind's crazy, a sort of Purgatory I suppose.

Towack - yes. You were too busy being involved in a positive community project. It's something that's always kept me from ascending to the giddy heights.

Anonymous said...

There is much ongoing strife and dissent happening within the church and top dog ,big chief walla walla Bruce Hales is very unhappy.Its likely it were his own citation jet flying in.

This is about fear of eb members missing out on their salvation.

Or was it that Bruce is fearful he might end up out of pocket if to many members jump ship

katmac7412 said...

Just found this. A couple of years ago I moved to Invercargill. Not long after I got the info pack and forms sent to me to apply for a job as a teacher aide at a "Westmount School" not knowing area no red flags...until I opened the pack pages and pages of rules under the heading Westmount School...If I was successful I would have to: Ex-communicate myself from everybody I know including any children I might have everybody, become a member, wear their strict uniform clothing (that blue stuff), get rid of my tv the list went on and on and in fine print at the bottom "Exclusive Brethren Church"; naturally I didn't apply.