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Monday, May 21, 2012

National Party philosophy, revealed!

Ele Luudman, friend to all who are Blue, posting on her blog Homepaddock, today confirmed a key piece of National Party policy with this nugget:

"The golden rule still applies – those with the gold make the rules."

It was such a clear expose of Natty belief that I can't really add to what Ele has said, so I'll leave it as it is, trumpeting loud and clear the intentions of Bill, John and the rest of Team Midas.


homepaddock said...

You've taken that sentence in isolation, Robert. It was followed by: As long as we’re heavily indebted we’re at the mercy of those to whom we owe money.

The post was referring to the danger of too much debt.

bsprout said...

And if those with the money make the rules they are going to make damn sure that they can keep and grow their money!

Farmer Baby Boomer said...

Sometimes you are your own worst enemy Robert. HP was making the point we are deeply in debt as a nation and we need to redress that as a nation to to give ourselves more economic freedom.
I'm not saying I aggree with all National's answers but they are trying to do something to reduce reduce the cripling debt inherited from the years of administration by the left.
Fortunately as recent Fairfax poll shows voters understand where the real blame lies.

And remember the left didn't have to deal with an earthquake.

The thought occurred to me that Home Paddock's policy of giving you free rein is more effective than Keeping Stock's ban! :-)

robertguyton said...

Ele. I accept that you meant the sentence to refer to debt, but it's too revealing to let pass. As I said on your blog, "Out of the mouths of babes." I'd have imagined you might find that a little flattering :-)
Your 'party of preference' does however, hold to the principal that 'Those with the gold - rule', imho.

robertguyton said...

bsprout - of course you are correct - it's patently obvious to all but those who are blinded by the glitter of the rich.

robertguyton said...

Farmer Baby Boomer - I'm not saying I agree with national's answers either, so we have that in common at least. The Fairfax poll you cite is rubbish, in my opinion. The reason that Labour is 'copping the blame', is because national and her screeching MPs are forvever blaming Labour for everything under the sun. It's not credible. I don't believe it, and I'm not a Labour supporter. I don't believe key and crew have a clue about anything other that that which bsprout describes. Zero budget, surplus by 2014 - that's gold alright - comedy gold!

robertguyton said...

Keeping Stock has a ban?
Clayton's ban, more like :-)

Suz said...

"National and her screeching MPs"?? is that Ele's MP's or have you assigned a gender?

I regard Ele as a very cool woman, whether I disagree with her views or not...intelligent, tolerant and most importantly, happy to admit when she occasionally gets something wrong.

robertguyton said...

Ele doesn't screech, Suz. She's the very model of modest behaviour, though she does seem to go a little gooey around John and Bill.
Her 'golden rule' is a classic reveal though, no denying it.

Gerrit said...

If you interpret the "gold" as being in charge of the treasury benches, then yes every political party wants to achieve the golden rule.

Do the Greens want to make the rules?

If Yes, then they must obey the golden rule and achieve access to the treaury benches.

Suz said...

Sorry to be a pedant, Rob, so what's the national's "her"? Would hate to think that's a put-down to my sex?

robertguyton said...

Slip of the tongue, Suz. National's not female, any more than the Titanic was a she. In fact, I'd personify National as an 'it', rather. 'It' lacks a real heart, just as a corporation isn't really a body.

Suz said...

Cool, thanks for the shall be "it" henceforth :)

Us girlies have enuff crap to deal with, don't want a nice guy like you be putting extra, undeserved crap atop our fragile heads.

paulinem said...

Farmer BB re economy ...there is other ways of getting us out of debt than the present system. such as the G8 is suggesting of putting money into targeted areas of the economy by Reserve Bank credit. Then as Obarma and the G8 leaders say this will boost employment needs.

The economy that Keys/ English system they are following is bank rupt and needs to be changed. Re overseas debt most of that is pure paper money ( a book entry) ie NO investment money is used to lend it out.

It is a created paper money which currency traders then make a fortune charge interest for the privilege of using this created paper money and they the traders are often bankrupting those who borrow the created money.

robertguyton said...

Nice stretch there, Gerrit - treasury benches...nope, that's not how I was interpreting 'the golden rule' - more the Plutocracy aspect I hinted at in my tags, as is the 'Golden' (the rich) rule (over us). The wealthy seek to set the rules and those rules serve to maintain and increase their own wealth and that of those they 'mix' with - their rich business and social friends and those who 'supported' them in their climb to the heights of the political system they occupy. It's an ancient societal phenomenon. Do you not see this as a truism, Gerrit? The Greens, naturally enough, are not subject to the same philosophical tyranny and that's why I support them. They are the antithesis of the plutocrats I'm describing. Have your read the Greens Alternative Budget? It's streets ahead of that of Bill and John. National's is a stale budget that suits their doldrum circumstance.

Armchair Critic said...

That's a great interpretation of the golden rule, gerrit.
If you interpret it as golden means "people with red hair" then clearly it's Russel Norman that makes the rules because he's the only party leader with red hair. And while that's a silly interpretation, it's only slightly sillier than yours.
As Robert points out, the gold refers to the people who control the wealth of the country. That's not only, and not even mostly, the government. It's even less so when the influence of people like Louis Crimp, Kim Dotcom and John Boscowan is considered.
It is my opinion, Cr Guyton, that parts of the plutocracy have moved away from being plutocrats and have started a new category - the kleptocracy. I've given them their own tag at Every Tiny Straw

robertguyton said...

I'm to discrete in my behaviour to tag them kleptocrats, Armchair Critic, but won't challenge your use of the title. I was toying with 'The Plunderers' for the title of a book on this manifestation of the National Party - too cruel? I've just now left a comment (coincidentally) on Every Tiny Straw regarding the oddly-behaving Mr Crimp, whom I understand to be suffering a dread illness.

Gerrit said...

To quote the Boss,

Poor man want to be rich, rich man wants to be king and the king aint satisfied till he rules everything.

My interpretation of the golden rule is simply those on the treaury benches conrtol the gold.

Communist can nationalise all the wealth (eg. Cuba) or capitalist can screw to poor in favour of the rich (eg USA).

So while you have your interpretation, I have mine and the state is more powerful then any gold bearer.

Problem is people like Banks, Peters and Samuels sell their souls and their country for a few pieces of silver (gold?) thereby destroying the state independence to be in charge of the treaury benches and ALL gold.

I suppose they prove your point that the people with gold control the state due to infidelity by people like Banks, Peters and Samuels taking their gold in return for favours.

robertguyton said...

Poor man wanna be rich...only richer than he/she is presently and richer than his neighbour. It's all relative, isn't it. So long as we see ourselves as being in the 'upper' echelon, we think we are doing okay. Me, I think differently, as do a number of others. I'm more interested in unravelling my dependence on 'rich man's things', things that we play with every day (computers, phones, cars and electric jugs..) and replacing those with technologies of a different sort. Presently, I'm into clay :-)

Armchair Critic said...

Presently you are into clay? I think you may have a solution for cladding your lurkim, then.
In the last paragraph of your post you refer to Bill, John and the rest of their mob as Team Midas. I understood Midas turned ordinary things into gold, whereas National seem to have the knack of turning everything to shit.

robertguyton said...

I've toyed with the idea of a wattle and daub wall. I'll look into it further, but fear the effects of rain. My first adobe oven wore away quite quickly until we built a hood from hazel and cabbage tree leaves. As to Midas, my allusion is to his turning his daughter into gold, thus destroying the thing he loved. It wouldn't have mattered if it had been silver, gold, shit or shitake - a live daughter beats them all, hands-down. I don't think Team Midas grasps the concept, where the daughter=the environment ot the daughter=society.