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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Contrasting Shearer and Key

Everybody's doing it, comparing the Budget Day speeches of David Shearer and John Key. I've my own opinion: I found Shearer to be credible but not yet solid, Key to be over-confident. Other commentators have had their say across the blogosphere and I've  chosen just a couple for this post. The first discusses what needs to be done to improve both:

"It is definitely easier to polish a content-rich dude into something smoother, like Shearer, than trying to broaden out the facile helium-filled wonderland into something with some gravitas, like Key.

And in the end, New Zealanders really will see through Key’s candyfloss veil, and actually want something for the country with some strength and reality to it. And I think we have still have time for that."

The second comes from Colin James:

"At a post-budget standup on Thursday he lacked leader-like fluency, deferring readily – and necessarily – to finance shadow minister David Parker who had his lines off pat. This factor should diminish over time as Shearer settles – though don’t expect him to become the sort of glib performance artist John Key has become. Shearer is too earnest and too aware of complexity."


Keeping Stock said...

I thought you weren't going to watch Key's speech Robert. How can you compare and contrast when you aren't even prepared to open your mind to half of the comparison?

robertguyton said...

I'm collating the opinions of critics across the political spectrum, KS, and making a call based on that, and the portion of both Key and Shearer's speeches that I could be bothered to watch. Shearer's was quite good, but didn't grab me enough to keep me listening and watching for more than a little while. Key was obnoxious from the outset, but I noted that he didn't lack confidence, but then, why would he, with adoring fans like yourself stroking his ego daily. I'm watching Shearer make good progress and Key becoming increasingly smarmy.

Towack said...

Feely shallow RG, even for you. I dont believe that for a second one can believe either speeches are coming form the true heart of these blokes, both have speech writers, regardless of who they are. However this blog does represent your bias views, esp when you say "I'm collating the opinions of critics across the political spectrum". Because you havn't, you have just taking excerpts that appeal to you.

I recall you saying after the election that you were going to stop blogging things political and pick up on the environmental / gardening. I'm still waiting.

robertguyton said...

My most recent three posts are on gardening and farming, Towack. That proves I'm doing as I said I would :-)
I've just been down at the local primary school, delivering a pottle of tiger worms for their new worm-farm. Political or environmental? Both. Gardening too. Sometimes, it's hard to separate them.

Towack said...

So interesting that you have worm farms and political things in the same post, imagine capturing the 'juice' leeching out under the bee hive

robertguyton said...


robertguyton said...

Or snake oil?