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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Best friend, Banksie.

Kim's very good friend, John.

Here's a nice wee precis from paul andersen
if john banks practised what he preaches, which is self-reliance and not bludging off others, he would have paid his own way into being mayor, or paid his own way into parliament, but since like most right wingers, he is moraly bankrupt, and cannot do himself as he expects others to do, he is (as is the whole act philosophy) corrupt. if he had payed his own way(millionares can, so according to his own philosphy, should), he would not be in this position. contrare your way out of this!!


Shunda barunda said...

He kind of looks like Iron Brion.

robertguyton said...


If he was a nail, he'd be a lead-head.