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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Anonymous drops one on Collins

" Collins looks like a stupid old trout - a psychopathic bully who lacks good judgement."

Some clear thinking anonymous commentator left this stark comment on a thread concerning Judith Collins and her harpy-ish pursuit of Trevor Mallard, Andrew Little and Radio New Zealand, for some perceived slight she believes she suffered and so well-informed was the comment of Anon, I've built this post around it. And here it is, un-cut:

"Anonymous said..
It's a shame Collins didn't care as much about the real issues - the antics going on in ACC and the lies told by middle management which make her look stupid.

Her indecisive management and lack of leadership on ACC clearly shows she isn't Prime Minister material.

ACC's dysfunction have a bigger impact upon her reputation and make her look stupid than Little and Collins. Then every time the defamation case is mentioned she just looks worse like an unstable, spoilt child. It's pathetic and tragic,

Ultimately this fiasco will probably cost her her job.

Imagine if she had handled things differently from the start - admitted ACC had problems and then simply said she'd sort it all out. It would have been over in a few days.

But no - her ego was in control and said - I'm going to get Pullar and Boag for exposing me and making me look stupid..... She manipulated the report saying Pullar threatened knowing full well Boag would be implicated, the leak of Boag's memo was orchestrated from her office board or ministry, she slagged Pullar off as being indecent (clearly just projecting about herself), she's acted defensively trying to sue Little & Collins & Radio NZ, and on and on she's gone.

It's all a side show to the real issue - ACC has problems.

Collins looks like a stupid old trout - a psychopathic bully who lacks good judgement.

I bet Key is spewing.

As a result if her actions she has kept National in the media in a negative way and they've dropped about 5% because of her ego.

I'd suggest she'll find herself dropped before too long or she'll be switched out or resign the portofolio, as through this process she has exposed herself as an ego driven manic who doesn't give a toss about her portfolio -only defending her reputation.

It's a shame she doesn't have the power of clairvoyance.

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