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Thursday, January 19, 2012

High winds

It's howling here in the deep south!
I've just lost a young  sweet chestnut tree to the gale and it looks like it's just getting started (the gale that is - the trees been growing for three years. I'll go out and prune it back to its single remaining branch when the wind dies down. Our intrepid cycling Green MP won't be enjoying this at all! Nor will those setting up their tents at Mataura in readiness for the coal festival.)


Ray said...

That is the down side to planting trees, losing them to acts of nature, I feel your pain
But Sweet Chestnuts do pollard well so all might be right

robertguyton said...

They do, Ray and that was to be the fate of that sweet chestnut anyway, so I'm not worried. The winds haven't abated though, and I might lose some others. The town's getting a bit of a thrashing.