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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Meet the candidates, Riverton!

A Green groundswell of vocal support gave tonight's political meeting at Riverton a keen edge and an air of high drama! Hecklers heckled like never before and the town's purse-lipped purple-rinse brigade felt the heat of a bolshy 'underclass' having their say, whether it was their turn or not!
Labour's Leslie Soper enjoyed her night enormously, judging by the size of her post-event smile, but that wasn't as wide as that of Dave Kennedy, Green candidate for Invercargill. His raucous supporters backed his every utterance and had the National candidate Eric Roy and his team of supporters wondering what had struck them. At one point, Eric almost lost his rag, as a result of some well timed jibes, and the crowd got to see his other side. We were gentle with him though, as he's alright. Not so the Act candidate, who gathered no support, other than his wife, filming him, as she did, devotedly. Our 'green team' greeted all comers at the door with a display of good manners and colourful billboards and coupled with their youth (the only youth on display tonight) their cheerful smiles won over even the most bitter Tory ... til the barracking began, that is!
What a lot of fun it all was. The Left wing reigned supreme throughout the night and much laughter was had.
Here are some pics.


bsprout said...

Thanks Robert and the Riverton Green Whanau, I think I got a taste of what it may be like participating in Back Benchers. Great to see a level of participation in Riverton that exceeds anything we have had in Invercargill.

robertguyton said...

You are very welcome, Dave. I think today's Southland Times coverage shows that making a noise gets attention, and candidates after all, are obliged to do just that!
There will be critics of our merry-making. Already I can hear the murmurings of a blue-crew, used to having their own way at such meetings, but times have changed!
You spoke very well indeed and had sound answers to almost everything :-)
When you spoke 'off the cuff', the crowd could see how well-grounded you were in both Green policy and in local issues. Only you talked in any detail about the Waituna Lagoon - good on you!

Shunda barunda said...

Why is there an undertaker in two of these shots?

robertguyton said...

Because inside that hall, National's chances in the south, died.