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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

This letter provoked this letter.

Where is Eric Roy?

I searched the photo in Monday's paper, showing Green Party co-leader Russel Norman in his kayak out on the Waituna Lagoon but couldn't find him.
  It wasn't Russel who was missing from the picture, he was there alright, in his wetsuit, but Bluegreen Eric Roy, MP for Invercargill.
  Doesn't he know there's an environmental crisis unfolding in his own electorate?

Glib photos don't solve lagoon problem

Green Party member Robert Guyton asks why I wasn't in a kayak with his party leader at the weekend at Waituna.
   The main reason is that rather than indulging in glib photo opportunities, I'm actually part of a government that is taking action about freshwater management.
  I have met with the staff of Environment Southland, Fish and game, dairy leaders and Federated Farmers' president as well as Ministry of Environment staff to look at ways of stopping the degradation of Waituna Lagoon.
  Part of the National Strategy over the past two years has been to work with all interested parties to get consensus on a national freshwater strategy.
  That was released last week, and over the next few months greater powers and guidelines will be developed to further protect our environment.
  The Greens had plenty of time to do the same while they were in government.
  But they didn't, because they prefer to sit on the sideline and criticise rather than taking action.
  This Government is getting on and actually achieving something in regard to maintaining and enhancing New Zealand's natural environment.
  Actions speak louder than someone merely interested in increasing their personal profile through political publicity stunts.
MP for Invercargill.


KjT said...

Yeah, right!

Anonymous said...

blue greenwash

robertguyton said...

Hey! I agree with you both!
Let's tell Eric where he's going wrong.

Anonymous said...

Kicking Gerry Brownlee out of national would be a start, if the bluegreens did want a shred of cred.

Unlike Brownlee I am sure Eric does go tramping (or hunting) and does actually know a lot of the amazing South Island countryside.

robertguyton said...

I think the Bluegreen cred is already shred Anonymous.
Dumping Gerry though, is a very good idea though but it won't reverse the clear reality that National and 'environment' go together like oil and water.