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Monday, April 18, 2011

Brad Tattersfield - Scandal-minimiser.

Like a job working for the National Government at $120 per hour, 'tidying-up messy scandals' for careless politicians?
Brad Tattersfield enjoys the work, it seems, based on comments he made on his company's website (since altered). He's done 'work' for Key and Bennett and claims proudly to have 'minimised' a government scandal.
National, it is reported, uses spin doctors like Tattersfield regularly.

"Spending watchdog and Labour MP Chris Hipkins said National was spending huge amounts of money on image-shaping. He acknowledged that Labour was criticised for the number of communications staff while it was in power but said National was spending large sums of taxpayer cash to buy experienced spin doctors.
He said the number of Beehive staff earning more than $100,000 a year had rocketed.

This Herald article looks at Tattersfield's activities.

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