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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Who can it be now?

This little owl was the reason for a great commotion in our garden today - two tui were sounding the alarm over something I couldn't see from the veranda, so I followed their scrawking and found the owl, perched in a plum tree, looking slightly ruffled by the fuss the tui were making. It's still there, looking nonplussed, blinking at me. I'll check on it later. Our investigations reveal that it's a morepork, ruru, and most likely a young one, from what we can see, comparing these photos with those online.


Anonymous said...

It is likely the spirit of an UNPUBLISHED BOOK coming to gently nudge you.

robertguyton said...

Very wise then. The first proofread chapter has arrived back from my editor. 11 to go.