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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Russel Norman - forthright at the spying hearing.

Russel challenged Key head-on in today's 'spy hearing'. Key was lost for words. That's showing some bottle, Russel. I enjoyed the spectacle enormously.


bsprout said...

Sadly I think it was a strategy. Key was just managing the flow of comment and controlling the number of questions. He is deliberately not responding to Russel's jibes and not allowing anyone to pinpoint him on a particular position.

What's the bet he will allow the public process to occur just like lancing a boil. The puss will be everywhere but National will calming wipe it away and say something like:

"We've been transparent and allowed people to share their views and and now we will make a decision about what's best for the country. We didn't hear anything of significance that would cause us to change tack."

"As for Russel Norman, we all know what he's like, he sees conspiracies everywhere and just calls for an inquiry at every opportunity. I feel comfortable with the process and no law abiding citizen has anything to fear. It is important to ensure that New Zealand doesn't experience a Boston Bomber. The blood will be on Russel Normans hands if he blocks this."

What's the bet... ;-)

robertguyton said...

My bet is, Dotcom has a ripper of a day today and that the media will magnify his appearance enough that we all get to hear how dishonest 'certain parties' have been over claims they've made over and over again.

bsprout said...

You may be right, Robert, but I doubt there will be anything we haven't heard before. Key is a master at downplaying stuff that would normally see Governments sacked. A lot depends on how the media presents it. It will be fun to watch though, Dotcom is even cleverer at PR than Key.