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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Country Life - Food for Free

Cosmo Kentish-Barnes, armed with microphone and recording device, visited Robyn and I recently.
Here's the blurb from National Radio:

21:29 Robert and Robyn Guyton have planted a 'Food Forest' around their house in Riverton, Southland so no lawns need to be mowed and in season, the forest is dripping with organic fruit and nuts. The Guytons have several other local projects on the go too, from saving heirloom seeds and developing a community garden, to restoring the Te Wai Korari Wetland Reserve along the Jacob's River Estuary.

(If it's moving pictures you crave, you might like to watch this video that follows me around our forest garden whilst I chatter-on about it )


Ray said...

Heard it but it did start a heated discussion on whether both you were teachers or just one?

robertguyton said...

Neither. Or at least, we both were, but now it's only Robyn who heads off occasionally to school to relieve for someone ill. We do both, however, 'teach' in the broader sense - workshops, seminars and whole-school visits and the likes. Robyn, btw, excelled as a teacher of music (highschool), despite not being trained in music. She even taught legions of spotty youths how to drum! I was Head of Department, Maori, at a highschool.