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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vto cuts to the chase

Is it bad form to steal comments from another blog? Perhaps my crediting The Standard and vto will cover it.
Here's the latest lazer-like analysis from one of the clearest minds in political commentary. (Hat-tip Armchair Critic)

"vto 4

25 July 2012 at 8:45 am

I think the right wing and business part of NZ politics has really lost it… some examples just this morning;

1. The newly formed Heartland Bank is offering loans to its execs to buy the bank’s shares, apparently as an incentive. This is what Lachie McLeod at South Canterbury Finance got and look what it made him do – all sorts of terrible lending and carry on, ultimately hastening its demise. That Heartland has to offer such is an admission that the business model is flawed. Also, beware, Heartland is tied up with all them blu-nosed Cantabs off the last four ships such as George Kerr and they tend to make mincemeat of these things.

2. Gerry Browlee has been swiped by the High Court over his land zoning decision-making process in Christchurch. Following Skycity casino being reviewed, and the Akaroa marine reserve decision being tossed out, and others, it shows this government are cowboys with a completely cavalier attitude.

3. The welfare handouts to firstly teh NZX, a private business, in the sale of state assets to bolster the NZX’s performance is nothing short of a ripoff. I have a business that is struggling, can I please have a government handout too?

4. The looters bonus share scheme in the sale of assets is also an admission that the business model around the floats is flawed and incapable of success without the taxpayer subsidising it.

Seriously, this lot are incompetent. It feels like a last gasp for the right wing, a final grab of air before silently slipping beneath the waves for good. Not a single one of their major activities at the moment is worthy. They are not up to scratch. They are wheelers, dealers and wide boys with not a skeric of deeper understanding of the communities they live in. Fail.


Anonymous said...

One retard posting another retard's commentary.

Armchair Critic said...

sounds like your argument in rebuttal is so powerful, anonymous, that it doesn't need explanation.

Marty Mars said...

"lazer-like analysis from one of the clearest minds in political commentary"


here is another lazer-like comment from vto - do you like that one ac or rob?

Please don't get me wrong i quite like vto when he gets into key, but you are well over-egging it in the quote i've highlighted.

robertguyton said...

I do like that one, marty - it's a very interesting conversation. Tricky, the discussion of issues like that and fraught with pitfalls.
You don't like all of vto's views, I can see that. He does have a way of assessing and collating a range of 'events' and behaviours that I find very rewarding to read.
I didn't say, btw, that I wanted to marry him, just that he's on the money with such comments as the one I pasted here.

robertguyton said...

You're implying that Anonymous is an Actoid, Armchair Critic?
Could well be, but I have to ask, do such creatures still exist? They've only got John Banks to adore now, and he's due to be denounced shortly.

Armchair Critic said...

Hi Marty, I like many of vto's comments. I'd have re-posted this one if technology had not prevented it.
He does have a racist streak that I tend to turn a blind eye to, and on reflection that is not to my credit. The comment thread you link to is a prime example of a subject where I do not agree with vto. You do an excellent job of taking him to task.

Armchair Critic said...

anonymous is, in some respects, whoever we choose them to be. The vast array of comments made by anonymous gives us such a wide range of perspectives to use as a basis for a reply. A benefit of a pseudonym is that the range of comments associated with the pseudonym is much narrower.

Anonymous said...

The right are corrupt in business; the left are just wrong.

robertguyton said...

It's very simplistic to reduce politics to just 'left' and 'right', but invariably, the simplistic do just that.