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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Japanese Tree Huggers

For 20 years, the people of Okinawa, Japan have opposed the construction of a US military base that will damage the marine environment and endangered sea creatures like the Japanese dugong. Now the construction threatens to take over their forest. Japanese photojournalist, Takashi Morizumi has been documenting the Okinawa people’s movement for nine years. Read his journey and meet the people who are fighting to keep their home.

Mr Gentatsu Ashimine - cafe owner

 Gentatsu Ashimine opened his own cafĂ© to offer a place of spirituality and calm for city-dwellers. In 2003 he moved from central Okinawa to Takae, looking for a sustainable life. The cafe - constructed without blueprints, and built using his own tools - is situated on the brook in front of his house so that the bubbling stream and bird and insect songs can be heard. It’s paradise.

However, in 2014 two of the helipads were built 400 meters from his place. Thunderous military aircrafts now hover overhead, shattering the peace and tranquility. When night-time military training began, his children could not go to school due to lack of sleep. He was forced to evacuate them to a neighboring village.


Philip Todd said...

Even worse if Trump is elected he will have to help pay for the base.
Brings back memories of the outcry that happened when Helen Clark did away with our airforce strike force. Hard to remember how many years but the fear of invasion hasn't happened and life has gone on. The only change is we don't spend the huge amounts it costs to keep the Skyhawk's in the air.
The US has created an industry around defence but today their forces are mainly used in offensive roles and the money is being stripped from their economy for little advantage to the people on the street. Even worse where they operate they make more enemies than friends

robertguyton said...

Sky hawks - nga kahu o te rangi!
Who believes this pap, Philip?
Key's personal jet plane is attracting a lot of criticism lately, ne ra?

Philip Todd said...

Key loves the trappings of power. Be hard for him to turn up on Air NZ. Keeps forgetting we are the size of a small city in the big world picture.
Lucky we have a Key One and Key Two. Unlucky that neither are anywhere NZ if needed in a rush

robertguyton said...

His goon squad take up a lot of space.