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Monday, July 11, 2016

Edging irons are difficult to photograph

Having misplaced my beautiful spade, I scuffled around in my tool shed to find the next-best thing for chopping and dicing the juicy understorey in order to keep it from dominating the bulbs, newly planted vines and shrubs and even the paths. I emerged with this elegant piece of toolery; an edging iron, or lawn edger. It's a wee beauty, barely used (I don't have a lawn) and it responded well to sanding and oiling. I hope it will suit the purpose; it's light and the blade is sharp, so it should perform well. I'll try not to leave it stuck into the ground somewhere, as I've apparently done with my lovely spade. It's not the first wooden handled tool I've tried to photograph, only to discover I can't fit it all into the frame without exaggerating one end. I figured a collection of shots would best convey its form and give the truest representation. 

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