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Tuesday, July 5, 2016


Everyone has a little bowl sitting on the windowsill above the kitchen sink, filled with things they've found here and there, don't they? There's a cicada husk, a beech mast, a hazel nut and some curious galls in there, along with the bird skull, chipped glass marble, radish seed pods and clay ball you can see. And a sparrow's egg.


corokia green said...

Yep,sure do!
Round here there are bowls, saucers, glass vases, jars and just piles of such things. Gum nuts,acorns,other assorted seed pods,shells,stones,feathers,fossils, old car badges,dried seaweed,cones from sheoaks to giant pine cones,as well as your aforementioned marbles, skulls & eggs.Explains why I don't dust very often ;-)
Go on, honestly, have you really just got the one small bowl?

Armchair Critic said...

I don't any more. All those things belong in the garden, or in a toolbox, or they need to be passed on to a new owner, so that's what I've done.

robertguyton said...

Ah! Differing philosophies, how stimulating!
Divesting, devolving and dispersing, or compiling, collecting and collating - which to chose, which to choose?
I fluctuate between the two, gleaning by nature then off-loading when the gleanings begin to clutter my spaces. Presently, I'm corralling my bits and pieces into a trunk that my grandchildren can 'discover' while playing in the loft. It's filled with odd figurines, dented tin toys, tiny milk-glass jars, blue 'poison' bottles, prisms, lenses and so on. They can make of them what they will. The very special things are destined for my crane bag :-)

fredinthegrass said...

You are so right, Rg. Old bits of wood (NOT timber) are among favourites.
I remember - somewhat distantly - "finding" treasures at my grandparents place. I have some to this day.
I also have treasures collected over the last seven decades and hope our grandchildren will marvel at 'things' from yesteryear.
My oldest treasure is the Vicar's/church warden's rent book from the late sixteen hundreds and early seventeen hundreds.

robertguyton said...

I'll post another photo, Fred, in response to your comment.