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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Xerochrysum bracteatum

... known as Helichrysum bracteatum for many years before being transferred to a new genus Xerochrysum in 1990.



fredinthegrass said...

Hey, Rg. That photo brings back memories. The Good Lady and I used to grow what we called helichrysums
by the thousand. We would cut the flower head, stick a wire up its….. well you know where, and sell them at markets,
and to florists. this helped us through a lean time on the farm, but made for some very long days!!
Even when prices are down you still have animals that need you 24/7. In fact we tried to look after them better then,

robertguyton said...

I'd never have guessed that, Fred and I'm impressed, that's surely fiddly work! I like the flowers a lot, especially the deep red and the fiery yellow. I wonder if any dairy farmers are busy now, with helichrysum and wire ;-)