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Monday, February 25, 2013

Welfare fraud!

“Welfare fraud is a drop in the ocean compared to tax avoidance.”

The Guardian declared it, and it's as true in Britain as it is here. That doesn't stop the New Zealand National Government from whistling up its red-neck support by having another go at it though, as Gordon Campbell writes here. 

" Really, this is insane, utterly paranoid Big Brotherism – and it is being directed at people trying to get by on the small amounts provided to them by a state that seems unable to run an economy in a way that will generate enough jobs. There is no social contract here, no compact being observed by the government. Just vindictiveness, for political gain."


Paranormal said...

Let's not allow facts to get in the way. What you and your marxist friends refer to as tax avoidance is nothing more than companies and individuals complying with a broken tax system.

Just look at the mess Sullen made of it when he brought in his 38% envy tax. Distorting the system so people are incentivised to participate in much lower trust and company rates was just stupid.

As I've said here before have you ever considered what the optimal taxation rate is? Have a look at some of the international results that show rates over 30% start to really hamper a country's ability to grow. Remember we're talking the overall percentage of GDP that the government takes from all taxation, not just a particular top rate of tax.

The real problem however is not taxation it is our spending. We're spending like drunken sailors in a whorehouse. But then again with your support for the Greens, you support spending OPM to buy power.

robertguyton said...

"Sullen" - what wit!
I fell about laughing, as I do whenever you say, "Liarbour".
Pure comedy that never gets stale!

Paranormal said...

Fantastic. I'll make sure I keep it up then.

Obviously the rest of my comment was spot on then.