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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Grapes out of doors

I'm growing a variety of grape locals call the 'Southland' grape that's reputed to fruit copiously outside of the protection of a glasshouse. Generally, they are grown against a north-facing wall, but I've got mine out amongst the trees in my forest-garden where the temperatures are very warm due to the protection from winds afforded by the forest itself. To get the vines up and off the ground, I've made 'tipis' using branches pruned from the forest. Here's how one such frame with it's climbing grape looks.


Bioneer said...

Now there is just the matter of keeping the neighborhood children off them.

Did you change it so recent comments don't show on the side anymore?

robertguyton said...

My neighbours and their children have a great grape vine of their own, so until that's stripped, I won't worry.
I did de-commission the 'recent comments' function. I'll see how it goes. Plus I took off the 'other good blogs' link as a token action toward reducing my time spent haunting the blogs of other people :-)