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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

A fine wine

They say wine taken with a meal cleanses the palate of flavours previously tasted and in this case,  the image in the post before this one necessitates the application of something refreshing that will take away the sourness left behind, so here's something smooth and uplifting.

Yes, it's Hayley and those of us who were entranced by here when we were yoofs, this'll do trick nicely! 


northshoreguynz said...

I prefer Sophia, but I get you point.

robertguyton said...

There are, thankfully, many more delightful photographs of the stars to be found on the interweb, many of whom I only knew as names. Tomorrow, Elizabeth Montgomery :') (see how I did the twitchy-nose thing?)

Northshoreguynz said...

Bewitched, yes. But I also remember her playing Lizzie Borden. Truly scary.